Anonymous asked:
is compulsive lying a typical pisces thing?

It can be -piscestruth♓️

Anonymous asked:
aquaruius are different

Lol, they strive to be -piscestruth♓️

Anonymous asked:
im a Pisces (f) and i like a Cancer(m) and a Capricorn(m) who would i be more compatible with

Cancer -piscestruth♓️

I miss him so much .. -piscestruth♓️

"As long as a #Pisces can feel that your love is unconditional, you have nothing to worry about. -@astrologypage via twitter"

microwavehi asked:
As a Pisces things get hard because of our piscean personality ( sensitive, emotional etc..) but being a Pisces is a blessing and unfortunate.



am i really upset about the relationship? or the money? -piscestruth♓

Anonymous asked:
I will say, as a Pisces, I am VERY sensitive and dependent on others. I do agree that not every single Pisces' is the same, but some do fit that stereotype :)

right -piscestruth♓